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In early, 2018 the FSSC was receiving many calls and letters for repayment of debt that far exceeded their ability to pay. Although they morally knew that these debts were theirs and occurred because of their lack of financial acumen, they were creating a health problem for both members of the Couple. Transform Roanoke loaned them $1000 to forestall immediate bankruptcy – This loan was repaid by the client in October 2018.

Transform Roanoke and the FSSC conducted an intensive financial accounting of all assets and debt where it was determined by outside counsel that bankruptcy was not needed as assets and income would never resolve any of the debt. The creditors were all notified of their inability to pay anything other than their basic needs and the health stress was removed. Short term solution in was in place at the end of 2018.

Their only real asset was their home which they fondly called The Tree House. The basement of the Tree House was basically unused and the stairs were a continuing safety risk for the FSSC. The FSSC resources and another Transform Roanoke neighbor-in-need had intersecting interests, which is one of the main strategies of our organization. Peter, 19, needed safe, clean temporary housing after leaving prison in mid-October and the FSSC need more money to pay for basic living and a small emergency fund to protect their health.

Transform Roanoke and Peter got to work on cleaning and reorganizing the basement space for his use and this work also helped the FSSC to feel like they were making progress and helping a young person put their life back in order. This is a perfect example of the way Transform Roanoke looks at helping people who have gotten off track in their lives.

Stay tuned for how this beautiful coupling of needs and resources help these three people have happier, healthier and more satisfying lives.

I am making this testimonial for my husband and I:

My life has been impacted by my involvement with Transform Roanoke. At a time in my life when I was at a particularly low point, I was given insight into how I might better my situation. At first, I was susceptible and could not see clearly see how my situation would improve.

I am close to being an octogenarian. I am also financially challenged. Suggestions were made to me that I would benefit by renting out a downstairs studio in my home to another person who was in need of a financial break in their life. I was cautious but many of my doubts had already been looked at and resolved. I have been able to retain my independence with little effort on my part. I have benefited because someone cared and gave me the boost I needed. My stress has greatly been relieved and I have had the opportunity to continue my life in a more relaxed and productive way.

In return, I have the knowledge that I have helped someone to get on their feet. We have interacted by helping each other. Interaction by others have made a difference in my life and I am grateful that caring people and organizations were willing to become involved to better someone else’s situation. I was able to work out a few challenges that arose. I did what I could myself with the knowledge that I had help available if needed. I am grateful that I was given a step up and look forward to being part of giving someone else a boost in a productive way.