Dale Thompson – Transform Roanoke Founder

I am so excited! I can’t wait until next Thursday! Transform Roanoke, is all about helping the individual reach their full potential. This first Community Discussion about Free Speech is intended to do the same thing for the Roanoke Valley.

We have a great community and my Wife and I have raised two successful adults here. But I also believe that we can always be better and I am uncertain about whether we are strong and cohesive enough as a Community to withstand what might be coming “to a neighborhood near you!” Are we another Ferguson simply waiting for our flashpoint?
It seems like everything is political today and we, as individuals, have lost the ability to be respectful and civil to one and other.

This Old Fuddy Duddy longs for the day when we could…

•…enjoy each others company and support our neighbors without questioning who they voted for
•…take very competitive sides in a sports event and then have a beer together afterwards
•…talk about controversial issues and make our relationship stronger because of the disagreement rather than decide we never want to see each other again
•…and so much more!

On Thursday night, we will talk about which direction our Community wants to go. Will we move to a more positive form of dialogue or will we move closer to violence? Transform Roanoke, and Dale Thompson, will be working positively to ensure that our Community and it’s Residents have the opportunity to reach their amazing potential. We can be greater than I can even imagine!

Please join our first efforts on Thursday night at the Jefferson Center.

Information on the Free Speech Community Discussion is HERE

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