Our Founder Dale Thompson

Transform Roanoke is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to helping people in need in the Roanoke Valley reach their God-given potential using one-on-one coaching, mentoring integrated with education and skills training.

We Believe:
-Individuals are born with specific talents which can be valuable to their community
-Passion and interest merged with necessary skills and knowledge lead to a meaningful life
-Work should be honored and is a beautiful and fulfilling part of life
-Responsibility for the life that they create, regardless of real or perceived barriers, must be fully accepted by the individual
-Help and support from others is necessary to create the life one desires
-Intervention by Transform Roanoke should be by the express wishes of the individual looking for help and support
-All personal improvement depends on the commitment of the individual to that improvement
-Resources are necessary to support improvement, but we believe that this resource cost is often much less than assumed by the public
-Person to person interaction is at the core of Transform Roanoke and our interventions are created for the unique needs of our clients
-Our core philosophy and individual successes will allow us to radically change the conversation about the causes of poverty suffering and it’s solutions
-Successful clients need to understand their role in strengthening our community
-Successful clients will help Transform Roanoke to expand its reach and help more individuals