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Goals for Peter and How to Help

Peter got an amazingly rough start in life. His mother in Russia was a drug and alcohol addict and was a heavy user while pregnant with him. He was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Reactive Attachment Disorder: both serious conditions that have caused Peter and his Family many issues. Peter was adopted when he was 9, by a loving Family but after some horrific occurrences in the home, his adoptive parents gave the State custody when Peter was 16 which led to many group homes, foster families, juvenile detention and various programs that were well intentioned, but ineffective.

In December 2016 at 17, he ended up back in Roanoke after running away from a group home. He called one of his former Teachers/Mentors and they took him in. This special Teacher just happened to be the wife of the Founder of Transform Roanoke. In the spring of 2017, he was picked up by Roanoke County Police for violating his court order to remain in the group home. Although he was offered a wonderful program in Lynchburg, he was dismissed from it and ended living in Lynchburg and trying to be successful on his own.

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He was still on a bad path as he stole a car in the summer of 2017 which led to 2 felony charges and a lengthy jail sentence. Peter was a trustee in jail, and also served on a work crew in jail to show by his actions that he wanted a different life. He served 14.5 months of his over 5 year sentence. His time in jail was transformative as it would have been for any 18-19 year old. As we visited often with Peter, we could see his desire for a different life especially as he approached his release date.

Transform Roanoke coached Peter intensively while in jail. After his release we are helping him develop a plan and follow it to get his life in order and become a self-supportive, productive member of the community. He ultimately wants to help others make better decisions for their lives as he believes he has a lot of experiences to offer. Peter is working toward these goals. He has gotten a job and helped another “neighbor in need” clean up the very neglected basement of their home. He continues to help with the financial issues of that neighbor; by renting a room in their house. This arrangement has helped Peter achieve his goal of finding a temporary residence at the same time as helping our Financially Stressed Senior Couple with a few more dollars of income!

Goals for Peter and How to Help