Goals – Past – Completed

  • Completed in March 2018 by Transform Roanoke – $1000 loan to forestall immediate bankruptcy – loan was repaid by client in October 2018
  • Completed in April by TR – an intensive financial accounting of all assets and debt where it was determined by outside counsel that bankruptcy was not needed as assets and income would never resolve any of the debt – although they have a strong moral desire to repay their debt, the stress was hurting their health and a decision was made to stop paying and alert the creditors to their situation
  • Completed in May 2018 by TR – handled debt situation to remove immediate stress by no longer trying to repay the debt and notifying all creditors
  • Completed in late November by Peter van der Linden and TR – Clean up basement of trash, cat mess and useless household items to make the space livable again
  • Peter moves in on November 29 as his temporary living space

Goals and Plans

  • Try to make the basement into a permanent income source as a rental of a one bedroom apartment with utilities.
  • Potential for some intellectual work from home to increase income
  • The FSS’s only asset is their home which they call The Tree House and they have almost no equity in it. They barely make their monthly living expenses and are not able to increase their income with physical labor.


  • Plumber/Contractor to set an existing toilet with existing water supply and advise on how to best restore a bathroom that was gutted by a sewage back-up incident 5 years ago. The bathroom has water for a shower/toilet/sink and studs. No drywall.
  • Contractor to hang doors on existing openings
  • Money for Shower/sink and other bathroom accessories
  • Other income increasing ideas to add to their feeling of responsibility for their circumstances, financial well-being and meaning for their lives